Thursday, January 2, 2014

Top 10 things to help you live a longer life.

1.       Believe in God, he extends life indefinitely
2.       Eat bacon
3.       Eat chocolate
4.       Exercise your mind and prepare to lose it sometimes.
5.       Believe none of what you hear and half of what you read.
6.       Always be prepared to change your mind on any given subject except number 1.
7.       Care deeply for people not things
8.       Love at least one person more than life itself.
9.       Stop and smell the flowers, it doesn’t matter if it’s a rose.
10.   See the sunset from as many places as you possible can.
When you realize nothing will make you live longer than you are destined too, make sure you live happy instead. Oh and read my blog it will help:

  Andy's Top Ten Things to Make Your Life Wonderful