Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Pointing the Gun at Parents

We have a  need for mothers and fathers to make children their priority.  It is time to stop the substitution of electronic gadgets for parenting. It is time to get our kids back to the dinner table and converse with them and know what they are doing and where their hearts are. We need to teach them about an all knowing God that has set rules and limits for us to live by so that we may prosper. It is time for grown ups to grow up and be responsible for the generation they are raising. Giving children permission to be and do anything they want needs to be replaced with taking responsibility for their actions and knowing that being the best they can be is some times tough and will take courage to do so. It is time to stop making excuses and using weapons and medicines as scapegoats. The responsibility of children falls directly on the people that care for them. Parents and grandparents, teachers and pastors. It is time for grown ups to be grown up, to set boundaries and expect them to be followed. It is time  to educate, to love and discipline our children. It is time to share the message of hope and forgiveness that God has offered willingly. Evil children don't always come from evil parents but they do come from contrite, uncaring and/or overwhelmed care takers that chose to ignore the child when they need them most. They come from allowance and permission that excuse actions that should have consequences.  Corporal punishment was replaced by putting a child in time out years ago, time out has been replaced with redirection. We have spared the rod and spoiled the child at the expense of their sanity and well being. I am not suggesting we bring back corporal punishment but children do have to have consequences for wrong action. They have to understand right from wrong. They also need to have a purpose and reason for being the best life has to offer. It may take a village but it starts and ends with the parents.

The parents have given the children the weapon of doing and saying anything they like without consequence and seem to always be surprised when the child takes this weapon and points it back at them.