Wednesday, January 15, 2014

It no longer matters if you are Republican or Democrat

Since 1839 the Democrats and Republicans have shared the office of president equally. Each will have totaled 88 years in office at the end of Barrack Obama's second term. If nothing changes between now and then, each will have led us into the same number of wars. Each will be responsible for extracting us from the same number of wars. Each will have led us in times of economic crisis and great legislation. They have both expanded and contracted the government many times.

This two party system of government has grown exponentially. It was derived from a government representative democracy that once represented the people of the land. It has grown into a government representative credential democracy. The difference between the two? One represents the people it governs. The other represents only the people with credentials, the lobbyist, the diplomats, the academics, the generals, the attorneys, the unions, and the CEO's. In the Credential Democracy the will of the general public is left out.

It no longer matters if you are Republican or Democrat in the greater scheme of things. It only matters if you are a member of a group with credentials. A group with enough money to lobby your agenda to the elected officials. It has been said the world is run by those who show up but it would be more aptly said the world is run by those who can afford to show up.

The working class and poor are no longer consulted on issues of government. Representatives do not return to their states with the ideas of listening to their constituents and when they do it doesn't matter. The larger bills are presented to the house preconceived and written by the credentialed few. I am not sure if this is laziness, perceived culture or coerced intent by the elected government but it has been a fact of life they all live with.

The time for a change has come. How to do it is not clear. When people are left out of government there is growing discontent. Since the parties in power no longer represent the people the revolution should start there. It is time to dismantle the two party system. It is time to provide legislation that will oust the credentialed government, remove the lobby and bring government home to the people.

It is time to find a leader that will stand up to the credentialed few and say this is not the government for me or the people of this land.  A leader that will choose not to be Republican or Democrat but a leader for all the people of our great nation.