Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Andy's Top Ten Things to Make Your Life Wonderful

1. Eat everything people tell you not too. Just don't eat to much of anything.

2. Laugh out Loud often. This is the only infectious thing in life that is worth giving and receiving.

3. Make friends that last a lifetime. Stay in touch. It is worth that much.

4. Make a few enemies and then love them like your friends.

5. Dance. Dance. Dance. You will never feel bad when you are dancing and when you move, others will follow.

6. Travel, go places you have never been. Meet the people learn the culture and enjoy the differences from home.

7. Drink water and nothing else. It will save you thousands of dollars over a lifetime and you will be healthier for it.

8, Remember what you work for, your job is there to feed you, clothe you, and put shelter over your head but it should never become so much that you loose yourself in it.

9. Dream, wish, think, plan, take action. A simple model for every thing you do.

10. Love passionately. Find a person you can sleep with, even when they snore, a person you can fight with and is worth fighting for. Find a person that will fight for you and love you with passion back. Love deeply.

11. Believe in God, you will find he listen's when no one else does. He will love you during the times you deserve it and the times you don't. He will give you strength. He will give you peace.

12. Share your gifts. You have talent and others will benefit from it and So will you.

13. Always give more than you promise and take less than you want. © A.Quintin Smith